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Dedicated California Lawyer Advocates for Insurance Policyholders

Knowledgeable Claremont attorney aids consumers in claim disputes

At Evangeline Fisher Grossman Law in Claremont, we represent individual and business clients throughout California in all types of insurance law disputes. Ms. Grossman, the firm’s founder, has helped clients obtain the benefits they deserve in a wide range of cases, from small personal matters to major litigation involving historic tragedies. She has recovered payments for Holocaust survivors against Holocaust-era insurance companies and life insurance proceeds for descendants of Armenian genocide victims. Whether your case is simple or complex, we have the ability and determination to challenge powerful interests and deliver a favorable outcome for you.

Innovative law firm handles a wide range of coverage litigation

Throughout California, we take strong action against insurance carriers who seek to evade their responsibilities to policyholders. We litigate to hold insurers accountable in cases involving:

  • Life and health claims — Dealing with the death of a loved one or a serious health problem is difficult enough without having to battle powerful insurance companies to pay your claims. That’s where we can help. Evangeline Fisher Grossman has helped a cancer survivor whose claims were unlawfully rejected win a $9.4 million arbitration award against the insurance carrier. She also represented Heath Ledger’s estate to recover life insurance proceeds for his young daughter.
  • Residential and commercial property losses — When you suffer losses due to a natural disaster, theft or vandalism, a delay in receiving the benefits you’re entitled to can threaten the solvency of your family or business. Carriers understand this precarious position and try to force residential and commercial policyholders into accepting substandard settlements. We stand up for these victims and work to enforce the terms of their agreement.
  • Misleading “service programs” — Our firm assists clients who have paid for coverage that is actually designed to limit insurance company costs instead of fully compensating policyholders. Evangeline Fisher Grossman is leading a suit against State Farm in connection with its “Premier Service Program” where water loss claims were capped at $5,000, even though the actual damage was much greater.

If you believe you have been mistreated by an insurance carrier or are unsure whether legal relief is available, our firm can outline your potential remedies in a free initial consultation.

Experienced attorney provides strong legal support for bad faith claims

Often, when a claim is filed, insurance companies shirk their legal obligation to conduct a fair evaluation of its merits. When a carrier’s review is corrupted, our firm brings insurance bad faith actions on behalf of policyholders. We have a detailed understanding of the laws that govern insurer conduct and know that economic concerns often lead companies to violate the terms of their policy. We also have extensive experience challenging unreasonable denials and investigating the evidence that insurers use to justify their decisions. If you believe that your insurance company lacks a basis for its decision, we can pursue a reversal and appropriate damages for you.

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Evangeline Fisher Grossman Law represents individuals and classes of clients in consumer litigation against insurance companies. Our firm also handles personal injury and financial elder abuse cases to seek full, fair compensation for clients. Please call 909-451-8851 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Claremont office.